Head MXG 3

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Introducing Head's MXG 3, a comfortably crisp racquet that combines easy targeting with impressive levels of power and spin.  Built with MXG Technology, it combines the power and dampening of Graphene Touch with a Magnesium infused throat bridge.  From the baseline the MXG 3 not only feels comfortably firm and accurate, but it offers near effortless access to pace. The combination of manoeuverability and power will enable you to switch quickly from defence to offence, and the grippy 16x18 string pattern provides enough spin potential to hit balls that drop hard and jump off the court.

Racquet Specifications Pattern: 16/19

This racquet is sold with factory recommended string and tension. For a more personalised string assessment, please contact us on (03) 9419 4000 to discuss your needs.

Available in the Demo Program.