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The benefits of Hybrid stringing. You get the feel of the two different strings. Usually putting the Polyester string in the mains, and using our favourite Cross string- Gosen Micro Super- a durable string for maximum playability.

Here are our favourite Prelli Hybrid Combinations:

  • BABOLAT RPM 1.25mm (main)/ GOSEN Micro Super (cross)
    YONEX PTP 1.25mm (main)/ GOSEN Micro Super (cross)
    VOLKL CYCLONE 1.25mm (main)/GOSEN Micro Super (cross)
    HEAD Lynx 1.25mm (main)/ GOSEN Micro Super (cross)
    LUXILON Alu Power (main)/ GOSEN Micro Super (cross)
    LUXILON Alu Power Rough (main)/ GOSEN Micro Super (cross)
    WILSON Revolve (main)/ GOSEN Micro Super (cross)

    LUXILON Alu Power (main)/ BAB Touch VS Natural Gut 1.30mm (Cross)

    LUXILON Alu Power (main)/ Wilson NXT 1.30mm (Cross)
    Wilson NXT (main)/ Luxilon Alu Power (Cross)