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Demo Program

Welcome to the Prelli Tennis Demo Racquets Program. We guarantee you will not only enjoy trying different racquets, but you will find the right racquet to suit your game!
We believe the racquet offers to your game more than just what is written on the specs.
So we offer the demo program so you can choose the best possible racquet for you. The right racquet that suits you not on paper but out in the court. 
Our job is to guide you, your job is to choose!
We have a huge range of racquets for you to try out so we’re sure to find the right racquet for you.

How It Works

Call Our Store

Call us on (03) 9419 4000 and book a time with our Founder Lou or one of his specialist team members, or come into our store in Collingwood, Victoria and choose up to 2 racquets you want to demo.

Leave A Deposit

Leave a $50* deposit. You’ll also need to bring with you a valid form of ID (e.g. drivers’ licence) and provide your credit card details.

Use The Racquet

Use the racquet(s) for up to 4 days, starting from the day you take them away. If you need more time to demo the racquet(s), call us the day before they are due back to tell us how much longer you need. We charge an additional $5 per racquet per day after 4 days.**

Return The Racquet

Return the racquet(s) to us. Once you’ve decided on a racquet which best suits your game and you purchase the racquet from us, we’ll credit the $50* deposit toward the racquet purchase price.


That's It!

You now have a racquet that will help your game, rather than having bought one without trying it and being forced to like it.

Note: *$50 deposit is non-refundable if you do not purchasea racquet.

**If the racquet(s) have not been returned after 7 late days and we are unable to reach you, your credit card will be charged the full retail price for the racquet(s) in your possession.

Demo Program only available for Victorian Customers.