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Prelli Tennis has over 35 years’ experience servicing and stringing racquets. We string for the players at the Australian Open, US Open, China Open, Japan Open, Davis Cup, as well as the only tennis shop in the country to string at the Olympic Games!

Prelli Tennis has consulted for some of the best players in the world including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Pat Rafter, Mark Philippoussis, Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Maria Sharapova, Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams, and many many more pro players!

Our level of commitment to providing quality service is second to none and has been recognised by the tennis industry as one of the best tennis specialists in the country. Some of the specialist services we offer are are below, so just click on the link to find out more.

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Our History


Prelli started in 1982 as a hobby. Stringing our own racquets from home after buying our own machine, and after spreading the word, stringing for friends and family.


Then, a shop opportunity came up in 1983, and we started the business called Prelli Sport, The Racquet People.

We got our break stringing for a brand called Emerick, stringing their trade racquets. Then through Emerick, we started stringing for Kim Warwick.


Australian Open players started coming to us. From there, we become more well known and we started selling to the public.


We bought two state of the art Babolat stringing machines, and started stringing for Stefan Edberg at the Australian Open. After the match, we would go over to catch up with Stefan Edberg.


Prelli was invited to help out the Babolat stringing team. Babolat were big string manufacturers, devoted themselves to strings and accessories and didn’t bring out their first racquet until 1994.


The first year Babolat stringing team works out of Prelli Sport. All Babolat sponsored players came to the shop to get their racquets done. And again in 1993. Stefan Edberg and Wally Massur were coming to us, amongst other players.

We've been stringing raquets for Mark Philippoussis since he was 14 years old.


In 1997 Lou was invited to go to New York for the US Open, the first year Arthur Ashe stadium was opened. He strung for Pat Rafter, who that year won the US Open. Lou was invited back again in 1998, and again stringing for Pat Rafter, winning back-to-back titles.


We were back at the Australian Open working on the grounds, both stringing and doing reception work, and meeting the top players and coaches!


Pin represents Prelli and Australia at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics in the Stringing team, stringing for Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and more!


It has been a tough year. But we plan to continue giving the same service to all players. There are some things that cannot be done by technology, but rather experienced technicians like ourselves. You can’t buy experience, and we offer to teach you and transfer our knowledge for you to enjoy the best game in the world!

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