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Tecnifibre Black Code Set

Tecnifibre Black Code Set

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The BLACK CODE string is the most flexible in this range with a pentagonal construction that allows a lot of spin. Leading brand in strings, Tecnifibre offers a wide range of strings dedicated to all levels and requirements of players. 

This string has been designed: For the very good demanding player looking for resistance and flexibility For rackets over 300g For big string breakers Color black Main material: Co-polyester Recommended tension between 22 and 25 kg Maximum tension : 32 kgs
Recommended for big string breakers (>10 hours of play) String made in France. 

Thermocore: Guarantees the greatest flexibility for polyester monofilaments to generate less fatigue. Co-Polyester Flex Compound: Selection of polyester granules recognized for their maximum flexibility. High quality material thanks to a mix of different polyesters. Section: Pentagonal (5 faces) to increase the effect BEST SELLER WORLDWIDE It brings everything! Power, spin and flexibility. PLAYER RETURNS Dedicated to a very broad spectrum of players. The pure Tecnifibre signature: performance & physical integrity.
  • Type: Polyester
  • Gauge: 1.24mm/17g or 1.28/16g
  • Size: 12m